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Special Cruises "Women's Day"

7th March - Cruise with dinner on board. 8th March - cruise with lunch on board.


7th March - Cruise wiith Dinner on Board:

20:00 Embark at Estiva Quay (Porto)

20:30 Departure

21:00 Dinner served on board

23:45 Arrival at Estiva Quay (Porto)

01:00 Disembark and end of our services.

8th March - Cruise with Lunch on Board:

12:30 Embark at Estiva Quay (Porto)

12:45 Departure

13:00 Lunch served on board

17:00 Arrival at Estiva Quay (Porto)

Disembark and end of our services.


Appetizers: White Porto, Tonic Porto and orange juice; "Bola", salted miniatures and canapes.

Carrot cream with almond.

Roast pork, rice and vegetables.

Semifrio of Strawberry.

Drinks: White and red wine, orange juice, water and coffee.



7th March - Dinner on Board

8th March - Lunch on Board

Cruise Conditions Prices per Person
Cruise 34.00€
Children aged between 4 and 12 years old 50% discount


Drinks included during meal.

Digestives not included.

DJ entertainment in both days.