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Night Six Bridges Cruise - Porto

Sail with us at night and enjoy the charms of the cities of Porto and Gaia at night.


Near Gaia quay, we gather the passengers to do the night six bridges cruise.

In this cruise, you will enjoy not only the magnificent overall view, but also the six bridges that unite Porto and Gaia.

As we depart from the quay, you will have the opportunity to observe Ribeira, D. Luís Bridge, Monastery Serra do Pilar, Infante Bridge, D. Maria Pia Bridge, S. João Bridge and Freixo Bridge.

As we get closer to S. João Bridge, we turn back, allowing you to see Oporto, World Heritage. After passing by D. Luís Bridge, we continue in the direction of Arrábida Bridge, so that you can see the mouth of the river Douro and Afurada, the land of the fishermen.

Duration: 50 minutes

21h00 | 22h00



Cruise Conditions Prices per Person
Cruise 20.00€
Children under 4 years old Free
Children aged between 5 and 12 years old 50% discount


When booking, please indicate the desired time.

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