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Cruise Régua Barca D`Alva Régua BA (Upstream)

Upstream by boat and train descent with breakfast, aperitif, lunch and snack on board.


08:30 - Embark at Régua Quay

Departure to Barca D’Alva

Breakfast served on board

Bagaúste Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 27m)

10:30 - Possible stop at Pinhão Quay (landing/boarding)

Valeira Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 32m)

Port wine aperitif

Lunch served on board

Pocinho Dam (Flood-gate, unlevelling 20m)

16:30 - Arrival at Barca D’Alva

Possible stop | Return to the boat, cruise continues

17:00 - Departure to Pocinho

Snack served on board

18:30 - Arrival at Pocinho Quay

Transfer to Pocinho Railway Station

19:07 - Departure by train to Régua

20:34 - Arrival at Régua Railway Station

End of our services.


October: 20 and 27.

Cruise Conditions Prices per Person
Cruise 104.00€
Children under 3 years old Free
Children aged between 4 and 11 years old 50% reduction


  • Final timetable and additional means of transportation to be confirmed by our services.

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